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"The Civil War offers a 20-year-old midwife the medical experience she craves, plus hard work and heartbreak, in this rich debut...Oliveira depicts the amputation of a leg, the delivery of a baby, and soldierly life; these are among the fine details that set this novel above the gauzier variety of Civil War fiction.

-- Publishers Weekly

"Oliveira's graceful, assured portrayal of a courageous woman shines through in her outstanding debut novel. ..This impressive historical epic deserves a large readership."

-- Booklist

"Oliveira deftly depicts the chaotic aftermath of battles and develops her own characters while incorporating military and political leaders of the time. The historic details enrich the narrative without overshadowing Mary's struggles. [A] well-written and compelling debut that will engage all readers of historical fiction."

-- Library Journal

"This unforgettable novel of the American Civil War should become a classic. I highly recommend My Name Is Mary Sutter to readers who wish to gain a better understanding of the war and its effects on those who lived through it."

-- Historical Novels Review – Editors' Choice