Robin Oliveira

Winter Sisters

Winter Sisters

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New York, 1879: After an epic snow storm ravages the city of Albany, Dr. Mary Sutter, a former Civil War surgeon, begins a search for two little girls, the daughters of close friends killed by the storm who have vanished without a trace.

Upon learning of the girls' disappearance, Mary's niece, Elizabeth Fall, a violin prodigy who has been studying in Paris, and her grandmother, Amelia Sutter, return home to Albany. Despite resistance from the community, who believe the girls to be dead, the family persists in their efforts to find the two sisters. When what happened to them is revealed, the uproar that ensues tears apart families, reputations, and even the social fabric of the city, exposing dark secrets about some of the most powerful of its citizens, and putting fragile loves and lives at great risk.

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Robin Oliveira


Critical Praise

"This stunning mystery is set back in 1879, when New York’s capital city is hit by a blizzard that buries the parents of 10-year-old Emma and 7-year-old Claire and hurls the girls into the streets.... Oliveira writes with feeling about social issues like abortion and prostitution, and her grasp of causes like women’s suffrage is firm."
   —The New York Times

"Oliveira's beautiful, expertly researched novel showcases the lives of women overcoming societal constraints and living fearlessly."
   —Publishers Weekly

"...a multifaceted and affecting portrait of courage."

"Oliveira crafts a complex, multifaceted historical novel that is both a captivating story and a commentary on the laws that have, for far too long, oppressed and endangered women...Entertaining at times, deeply political at others; a perfect example of a historical novel that also illuminates present-day issues."
   —Starred Kirkus Review

"[An] engrossing story of unspeakable crime and unbreakable love . . . propelled by feminist themes that feel utterly timely."
   —People, "The Best New Books"

"Oliveira blends mystery, historical detail, and courtroom drama in a compelling story that will please most historical fiction fans..."
   —Library Journal

"The real charm of Winter Sisters is the story of family, love, and perseverance, and the commentary on how women were and still are treated in society. . . . Populated with strong female characters and an oft-lyrical prose, this is a definite must read."
   —The Historical Novels Review

Publishing Praise

"Robin Oliveira has a remarkable gift for bringing the past to life..."
   —Lauren Belfer, New York Times bestselling author of City of Light, A Fierce Radiance, and And After the Fire

"I've long been a fan of Robin Oliveira's work, and Winter Sisters only increases my admiration."
   —Ron Rash, New York Times bestselling author of Serena

"As always in Robin Oliveira's novels, it's the women who provide the heartbeat and the moral compass in this gripping tale of suspense. This is a book as thrilling as it is poetic."
   —Melanie Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue

"An exquisitely layered story...Suspenseful and beautifully written, shot through with wisdom and grace, this is a book you will stay up late for..."
   —Dawn Tripp, bestselling author of Georgia

"A true tour de force, Winter Sisters is the best period thriller I've read since The Alienist. Robin Oliveira is...working at the height of her powers."
   —Thomas Christopher Greene, author of The Headmaster's Wife and If I Forget You

"Winter Sisters had me cheering, cursing, gasping, and sneaking off to read whenever time permitted. An absolutely enthralling read."
   —Julie Barton, New York Times bestselling author of Dog Medicine

"A haunting tale of terror and enduring love, Winter Sisters is tense and vivid. It kept me immersed to the last page."
   —Nancy Horan, author of Loving Frank, Under the Wide and Starry Sky

Viking, hardcover, February 2018, ISBN: 9780399564253
Penguin Books, paperback, February 2019, ISBN: 9780399564260